(sphere) Pro

The (sphere) Pro lens employs a novel, toroidal design with the ability to capture a 360° horizontal and 180° vertical field of view. No other lenses with an equivalent capability are known to exist.

The (sphere) lens’ design allows a full, omnidirectional view to be recorded by a single camera, whereas existing solutions for 360° image capture either fail to capture the full vertical field or require multiple cameras to record separately. Plus, the output of these solutions must subsequently be stitched  together in software. 

However, (sphere) captures 360° with no blank spots, no need to manage multiple cameras, and no stitching artifacts. The lens is optically compatible with most existing visual optics systems.

  • Compatible cameras: RED, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, and virtually any video camera with detachable lenses.
  • Mount: Nikon F mount; adaptable to most others
  • Aperture: f/8 (fixed)
  • Focus: fixed, best focus at 40" 
  • Format: 35mm Full Frame
  • Field of view: 360° horizontal x 180° vertical (4π steradians)
  • Resolution: dependent on the image sensor of the camera (the entire sphere is recorded as a circle on a single sensor, so resolution is based on the smallest dimension of the sensor)
  • Dimensions: 198mm L x 150mm W, 1.8kg

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(sphere) Go Pro

(sphere) for Mobile


The (sphere) App

Coming soon, the (sphere) mobile apps will make it easy to capture, stream in real-time, and enjoy spherical video content from the (sphere) lens.

Since (sphere) content does not require stitching we can create spherical videos immediately and in real-time — something that's only otherwise achievable with insanely expensive rigs and powerful servers.