sphere optics

The world's first and only single-lens 360° full-spherical capture solution.



(sphere) has created the first lens that sees everything

(sphere)’s unique lens captures a full spherical 360° omnidirectional  field of view in a single image — the  first of its kind. This allows the creation of spherical video content with no stitching using a conventional camera, vastly streamlining the content creation process and enabling shots that were previously impossible.

  • Captures a complete 360° sphere without gaps in a single shot
  • Eliminates stitching process
  • Shoots extremely close (1mm) without stitching artifacts or parallax errors
  • Uses your existing professional camera and workflow

The unique optical design of (sphere) lenses captures the full sphere of light on a single image sensor on a single camera. Since it's captured on a single sensor and a single memory card, we've eliminated the need for expensive multi-camera rigs and we've made video stitching an obsolete art. Why stitch multiple videos together (and deal with those unsightly seams), when you can get it all from the start?

Best of all, (sphere)’s lens is designed to attach to cameras you already have – so you don’t have to worry about buying new equipment. Have you sunk $60k+ into your RED camera and hate when you have to leave it in the case to shoot VR? Not anymore. (sphere) works with RED. Have you been staying out of VR production because the cost and learning curve was too steep? Not anymore. (sphere) makes it easy to get into VR with the equipment you already have and without the need to learn complex software and stitching techniques.


How does it work?

(sphere) uses a special, patented toroidal mirror with a reflective surface and series of optical elements to capture the full sphere of light around the lens into a disc-like image on the camera sensor. Using a (sphere) pixel mapping, we then easily map the image to a spherical shape. Once the video is shot, converting it to a spherical experience is easy. 

(sphere) videos can be converted to VR experiences without using expensive, time-consuming, and complicated stitching and post-processing software. The process is so easy it can be done on iOS and Android devices.



(sphere) is great for the professional film production studio that wants to shoot VR on their RED camera. But (sphere) is also great for the production studio that is more casually interested in VR, and eventually for the average consumer as well.

The (sphere) lens is unique — it's single lens construction means that it can go places standard VR setups typically don't go. Behind-the-scenes content, real-world situations, documentary style footage, and even just sitting at a dinner table are the types of things (sphere) excels at.

Potential Markets

  • Video and VR Production
  • Film & Documentary
  • Consumer/Hobbyist
  • Entertainment/Gaming
  • Surveying/Architecture/Real Estate
  • Engineering/Geophysical
  • Surveillance & Security
  • Police, Homeland Security, & Border Patrol
  • Military & Government
  • First Responder & Emergency Response