sphere optics

The world's first and only single-lens 360° full-spherical capture solution.


(sphere) Demo Reel 2 - Sony A7R2 Time Lapse

Demo compilation of time lapse video (composed from 42 megapixels stills) recorded using the Sony A7R2 camera. We've found that the Sony A7R2 produces the crispest results of any camera we've tested so far. 

If you're interested in watching the same video in the lens' native circular format (straight out of the camera), check it out here.

Amsterdam Canal Ride - Sony A7R2 Time Lapse

Time lapse video taken from a boat floating through Amsterdam. You might want to watch it at reduced speed.

Rooftop performance - Panasonic GH5

Musical duo of Joe Fugelsang and Corey Jordan on the rooftop of our office. Recorded using the Panasonic GH5, which has the highest resolution available in a consumer-level video camera today (in 6K anamorphic mode).

WRAAK production footage - RED 8K Helium

Test footage taken during the production of the Dutch short film WRAAK produced by AVROTROS. No grading or other correction was performed on this clip.

(sphere) Demo Reel 1 - Panasonic GH4

This is the first (sphere) demo reel, recorded using the first prototype lens on the Panasonic GH4. The GH4 is still provides fairly high resolution when used in 1:1 anamorphic mode (2880x2880).